Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Operation Love" fundraiser

Kai Glasco

Johnetta Weicks
Shana Hicks

Suite 106 Cupcakery presents "Operation Love"

'What A Difference You Can Make Just By Eating A Cupcake'

Throughout this remarkable journey Christy, myself and our family have embarked upon we have been blessed to see and experience so much in this short period of time. Less than a year ago the direction of the wind shifted us completely out of our comfort zones only to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is definitely a greater power working in overtime on our behalf.

We have been grateful for every goal accomplished, every stone that has been stumbled upon, every task that has been completed and every glimpse envisioned that has encouraged us to keep moving forward.

Our mother has always taught us that the "True Art of Baking is with Love", while our father has instilled in us that "The Key to Success is Generousity" put the two together (love and generousity) and you will have unlocked the door that we believe can change the world.

With the attitude of gratitude and with tender loving care we have developed and are conducting an inspiring fundraiser throughout the entire month of February called "Operation Love" with a portion of proceeds from every Christy's Southern Red Velvet cupcakes sold going to 3 beautiful, empowering and courageous young mothers here in the Inland Empire to help them on their journey of wellness and enrichment.

We would like to formally introduce you to these three joyfully motivated young ladies that have a beauty and thirst for life that will inspire and challenge you to change your world!

Meet Kai Glasco, a vibrantly positive and upbeat 33 year old single mother whom you would have never guessed was recently diagnosed in 2010 with Multiple Sclerosis during her 1st trimester of her third pregnancy; Kai’s powerfully radiant and happy spirit alone can change the mood of any room, not to mention a smile that breaks down all barriers in her path. Kai’s primary goal is to establish a healing level of independence despite the inability to use her legs. Currently she is treating her physical constraints with natural healing techniques including an anti-inflammatory diet and complete upper cervical care. Unselfishly Kai has begun her own foundation called "Our Women Aware Foundation" as a natural born leader and motivator, Kai is already inspiring young women with MS to understand the need to move through and transition to an overall peak of health and wellness. To follow are her own words:

"As a woman, I am compelled to express my experiences of this road less travelled. I am almost sure that there are other women who face similar if not the same obstacles in life, they know the importance of love and support from their friends and family members. The mission of "Our Women Are Aware Foundation" is to Allow single women of childbearing age the support and or informational resources pertaining to Multiple Sclerosis. Constructing and obtaining an optimal quality of life to any female MS patient who has and continues to strive despite a physical disability."

Kai has requested that her proceeds from "Operation Love" go towards her chiropractic care at The Specific Chiropractic Center in Oakland, CA. If you would like to donate any additional funds to help Kai in her journey of natural health and wellness, please send to:

The Specific Chiropractic Center
4179 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland, CA 94671
(510) 992-6834
Ask for Dr. Lauren

If you would like more information about "Our Women Aware Foundation" or additional ways you can help please email Kai at

Meet Johnetta Weicks, an inspirationally grateful human being, who's love for God and zeal for life is instantly contagious. Johnetta, a mother of 3 and resident of Victorville, CA was 4 months pregnant in April 2010 when doctors discovered a large tumor in her stomach. Not only did the doctors have to perform an emergency DNC to remove the tumor but they had to dissipate the pregnancy as well.

Being recently diagnosed with colon and liver cancer, gearing up for surgery this spring to remove more tumors, undergoing vigorous chemo therapy treatments for the last 6-7 months, losing all of her hair and an enormous amount of weight you would not believe how happy, energetic and full of life she really is.

Johnetta tells me she is blessed to have been given a second chance on life after flat lining at The City of Hope in Duarte, CA in early December 2010. She now lives life as though it's her last day everyday accomplishing everything she ever wanted to try, see, go or do. She is in the midst of writing a book about her life and experiences and she has been invited to tell her story and testimony, this Sunday, February 13th, 2011 at Reveal Word Ministries in Inglewood, CA. Johnetta has also been invited and will appear on TBN this spring.

Johnetta has requested that her proceeds from "Operation Love" go toward her in-patient care and necessities at The City of Hope in Duarte, CA.

If you would like to donate any additional needs for Johnetta then please contact:

The City of Hope

1500 East Duarte Road

Duarte, CA 91010

(626) 256-HOPE (4673)

Ask for Daisy Rodriguez

Meet Shana Hicks, a remarkably humble and grateful soul, who’s courage and strength can defeat an army of men. At 35 years of age this mother of two is a walking, talking testimony of nothing less than a miracle!

At the young age of 19 , Shana began having headaches. During one episode of what was thought to be a migraine, Shana went to the emergency room, only to be given a shot for the pain and sent home. The next day, she could barely walk…this is the day her life was forever changed.

Her doctors found four cysts at the base of her skull, blocking the spinal fluid from flowing freely to the brain. They did emergency surgery to remove the cysts and three days later a shunt was placed in her brain. Shana was diagnosed with VHL.

Shana’s grandmother also had VHL , she had lost her sight at the age of 25 with three small children. She didn’t have any other symptoms until 2010 when she started to lose her balance. Shana and her family spent her 71st birthday with her, she was surrounded by her children, grand children and great grand children. The next day she was diagnosed with a serious brain tumor. The day after that, on August 2nd, she passed away during surgery.

Shana currently has five brain tumors. She has had six brain surgeries to date. She will have regular scans to watch their growth for the rest of her life. Other surgeries will follow.

While Shana lives with VHL, she also tries to live a normal life. She enjoys spending time with her family, being a Mom and inspiring others to live life to the fullest.

Shana has requested that her proceeds from “Operation Love” go toward her on-going treatments through VHL Family Alliance. If you would like to donate any additional needs for Shana please do so at the links or address below:

VHL Family Alliance

Donate by mail:
2001 Beacon St. Suite 208

Boston, MA 02135

Donate to VHL online:

More information:

To donate directly to Shana:

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Anonymous said...

You ladies are awesome! Our family can't thank you enough for your open arms, loving hearts, kindness and generosity.

As I write this, I realize my words are so inadequate...All of these ladies are lucky to have you as friends.

I tell my children and grand children to: Make your family proud every day...and character is who you are when no one is looking.

Ladies: I'm looking and love what I see.

Suellen (Shana's mom)