Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Food Network Cupcake Wars ( featuring us yea )

We are going to be on the new Food Network show: "Cupcake Wars " the show premieres June 13th right after the Next Food Network Star show and then again June 15th at 9pm and our episode airs Tuesday July 20th at 9pm on the food network, wish us luck!
A special thank you to Priscilla Iezzi from Che Studios for the photo and Kelly Smith from M.A.C. for makeup!
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*Prilscilla Iezzi


Anonymous said...

cousins, I am so proud of you. I WILL BE WATCHING!!! I am praying, wishing and declaring continued success to you guys.

love, your cousin,
LaTarra (in Tennessee)

Veils and Fairytales said...

Yay! OMG! Congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

WOW! I am so excited for you both and I don't even know you, but I feel so much a part of your success. I look forward to being one of you loyal customers from California.


Tracey C said...

Tracey from Victorville just finished wacthing you ladies on Cupcake Wars and I was very impressed. Congratulations on your win and much success to you both. I can't wait to order me some of your cupcakes!!!!!!

Roxanne said...

I just watched Cupcake Wars, and I was soooo thrilled when you guys won!! I wish you guys the very best, and lots of success in the future. Your cupcakes looked fantastic, and I just had to root for the two girls with the sweet memories. Some people might have the big guns, but never underestimate yourselves! Congrats on the win!!

Twinetter said...


Your beautiful spirits shined so brightly! Just saw 'Cupcake Wars" today and I must say, "Kudos!" Style, Finesse & Mad Passion for your gift makes you winners..Continued Success and Happiness!

~Peace & Blessings,