Saturday, July 12, 2008


Important notice about our cupcakes in bakeries.

When ordering our cupcakes at one of our bakery locations please be sure to ask for Suite 106 cupcakes only, if you don't you might get imatation cupcakes. We had a customer order some red velvet cupcakes from one of my bakery locations thinking it was from Ste 106's and thinking it was Christy's Southern Red Velvet and when they took them home and had one bite they instantly new something was different the taste was off and the texture was differnt from all the other times they ordered.

The customer emailed us and told us their story. We let them know that we did not do that order for that day and explained to them that we wholesale cupcakes to bakeries for preorders only(48 TO 72HOURS in advance ) and fresh to the order. You must tell the sales people when placing an order that you would like Suite 106 cupcakes only because the bakery has all kinds of different sweets and sometimes they get confused, after explaining this to them they understood.

The way you can tell the difference is, we bake our cupcakes fresh and the same day with organic and all natural ingredients with pure bourbon vanilla imported from Madagascar and chocolate imported from France. You can really taste the difference in flavor and texture and don't forget part of every profit made from every cupcake package goes to Ronald McDonald House charity or Unicef. These are cupcakes that not only look and taste good they also make your heart feel good.

Try ordering Suite 106 cupcakes at our Etsy bakeshop online at free delivery to Rancho Cucamonga and available for instore pick up and delivery. We accept all major credit cards.

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